How to make an eCommerce website with the help of WordPress

8 Jul , 2017 Articles

How to make an eCommerce website with the help of WordPress

Many surveys conducted in the last year have confirmed that WordPress is by far the most used content management system today. Millions of website owners are using this platform. The hype about it and the excellent user experience that WP provides has made it the first choice for many website owners, bloggers, and online store owners. On top of that, it is very simple to make an eCommerce website with the help of WordPress.

In case you are interested in using WP or you already have a WP powered site, you can start an online store by using some of the plugins designed for this purpose. In this way, you’ll get a completely functional online store.

One of the best things about WordPress is that it allows users to reap the SEO and other similar benefits from their blog. The following is a short guide that will help you create an eCommerce business with WordPress. Keep in mind that this solution is suitable for a self-hosted WP website.

  1. Choose a domain name and hosting

Let’s be clear – successful businesses have some great domain names. NameCheap and GoDaddy are some good sites where you can register a domain name and check whether your choice is available. There are specialized websites that can provide inspiration for your new business. Once you buy the domain, you will need to find a reliable web hosting package. According to some experts, Bluehost is a good solution.

  1. Install WP

The next step is to install WordPress. This might sound intimidating for some users that are new to this, but the installation process can be quite easy. Namely, many of the web hosting providers have one-click WP installation features. When the installation is finished, you will get a chance to start an eCommerce business.

  1. Install a plugin

There are dozens of useful eCommerce plugins found on WordPress. For instance, WooCommerce is an excellent free eCommerce solution. But, there are some great paid options on WordPress like Ecwid and Shopify. The reason why someone would go for the paid solutions is simple – they provide many benefits. For instance, they provide 24/7 support. Next, they are taking care of maintenance and security. Finally, you don’t need any design skills or technical skills to start and run your eCommerce business.

Follow this guide and turn your dream into reality.

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